OCTOPUTSCH (2010-2012)  

Living Walls & Reverse Archeology by Anthony Jegu

A sculptor, painter, draftsman, video director, and graffiti artist - Jegu blends multiple methods, styles, and resources to build what he calls "reverse archaeology." 
With carefully constructed labyrinths, Jegu allows us to explore the topsy-turvy world of his own creation within its "ancient" sculpture and codices. The civilization of Jegu's mind is still evolving, this is just the beginning. He hints at future shows in different mediums, more and more contemporary, to elaborate about the progression of life and society.


If H.R. Giger, Kris Kuksy and Hayao Miyazaki had a brainchild raised in the shadows of a Yucatán temple, his art would look a lot like Anthony Jegu's. His relief sculptures are a manifestation of primordial images that look like capricious fossils excavated from a wayward Hades. These elaborate figures are layered in a Labyrinth of passages.Octopuses, alligators, and troll skulls are imposing and dark yet whimsical, sometimes appearing humorous and satirical.
Although they look familiar to us, as if from some ancient Mayan or Aztec civilization, they are mostly implausible having never existed except in Jegu's creative time machine.
Sculpted and molded from resin, mixed with pigment and replicated to create larger stories, each piece is unique and represents more than 10 years of study, conception, and work.

Pictures by Ivan Sde la Luz.