The Knife Thrower is a short animated series made of 5 episodes.

The Adventure of the Knife Thrower began as a legend of a dark hero, a mercenary who may been summoned by people desperately in need of help. 

In this pilot episode we see his first appearance, as he is drawn in by the main character, Cinta. As narrator, she recounts the story... The ethereal and enchanting world she lives in has been destroyed by a malevolent force. Called upon by her dying caretaker ("The Wise"), she uses a ceremonial dagger to incite magic from an ancient pact, one that binds together a transcendent society and calls the character of the Knife Thrower through space and time to fight for this brave young girl. 

A counter battle quickly ensues and, in the aftermath, the balance between good and evil, justice and vengeance, are reconciled between these two contrasting and determined members of an unlikely team.

Duration: 10mn
Created, directed, edited and composited by Anthony Jegu. 
Starring Bella Shand, Benjamin Viault & Temira-Lee Jaya Gopan
Produced by Brooke Melissa, Michael Boumendil & Philippe Lecomte



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Patricia R Goon,Benjamin Viault, Michael Boumendil, 

Luis E Bolanos Ramirez, Lisa Nazim and Patricia Jegu.